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Noise cancelling earbuds

Apple Airpods Pro (v1)

The Good:
Good noise cancelling. Good battery life. Super-comfortable in the ears.
The Bad:
Noise cancelling isn't as good as the Sony, but good enough for most situations, other than air travel. Have definitely had issues with the case not charging the buds at times, though.
The Verdict:
You (probably) won't regret buying these, but if you are feeling spendy, get the newer version. I haven't gotten my hands on the newer version yet. I still use this version, and they work just fine - when they work.
Price: $178

Sony WF-1000XM4

The Good:
Seriously great noise cancelling. Good battery life.
The Bad:
Tough to fit into ears. Have to really jam them in to get the great noise cancelling. Tendency to fall out without a good fit.
The Verdict:
If they fit your ears well, and you don't plan on exercising with them, these offer the best noise cancelling on the market.
Price: $239

Nothing Ear 1

The Good:
Good noise cancelling. Good battery life. Distinctive looking earbuds + a cool looking case.
The Bad:
Noise cancelling is good, not great.
The Verdict:
If you need some basic earbuds for working in a coffee shop, these are great, and a great value. Not good enough noise cancelling for air travel, however.
Price: $99


GET SMART Herbal Tea

get smart tea

The Good:
Mild taste allows you to focus. No caffeine keeps you calm and in the zone. This is my go-to beverage once I have had my espresso fix. Robust enough for winter drinking. Chill enough for summers, too.
The Bad:
No downsides, really. Great for keeping focused during long stretches at the desk. If you want something sweet, this isn't for you though.
The Verdict:
No downside, IMO. Grab yourself a canister and see how you like it.

Coffee Science Subscription

coffee science logo

The Good:
These coffee beans can make the best espresso you have ever had. If you can't make a trip to New Orleans for this coffee (heads up - you should), just buy the beans. The ultimate boost for a focused day of work. For some reason, I have noticed that I focus better when I have my Coffee Science espresso. Other beans don't do the job.
The Bad:
Coffee has gotten EXPENSIVE. Especially the good beans. This is no exception, but in my opinion, well worth it.
The Verdict:
Buy these beans and get cranking. Seriously.


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